Radon Testing

Are You at Risk for Radon Poisoning?

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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer according to the EPA. There is no way to know if there are elevated levels of radon present without having your home tested.

Don't put your health at risk! This colorless, tasteless, odorless gas can creep into your home or office from openings in your floors or walls caused by uranium deposits deep in the soil.

We use a continuous radon monitor to test your building for at least 48 hours to determines your building's radon level.

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Because radon is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, it's hard to detect. In result, it is important to have your home or office tested to know the levels of Radon present.

Things to know

  • Michigan radon levels are almost twice the average level in the United States due to our homes being closed and heated majority of the year.
  • You should be testing for radon every two to five years as these levels can change.
  • It is important to test for radon after any major construction to the property. For example, finishing a basement, an addition to the home, etc.

  • The most accurate way to determine if you have unsafe levels of radon is with a professional radon inspection.

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