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The team was fast and efficient, that is the main point I would like to make. I swung by during the inspection to find that it was already done and the team was more than happy to take me to any trouble spots and explain both what they were and how I could go about fixing them if I wanted to. The report they created was very easy to follow and offered the same insight and advice they said when walking me through the property in person. They are professional and polite, I would recommend them to anyone from first time home buyers to someone looking at their tenth home and want an extra pair of eyes to find any trouble spots. One final note was that they highlighted both the good and bad about the home which helped when nothing was found in certain areas, knowing that something is safe is much better than assuming and being right.


Jason did a great job inspecting the house I plan to purchase! He arrived to the house early so that he already had the inspection completed by time I arrived! When I got there, he was able to walk me through the house and point out what I needed to know. He did a great job at explaining various issues and how to resolve them and took time to answer my questions. He seemed very knowledgeable in his field and was prepared for all my questions. After the inspection, he even took time to let me ask him a long list of questions about the house that my insurance company was asking me! What makes all this better is that included in the inspection price, I can now call him at any point in the future, even months down the road, to ask him questions about the inspection and get clarifications on the best ways to fix the house or maintain it. I would definitely recommend.

The one thing I would have liked different is that he didn't take any pictures to supplement the inspection report like another inspector I used in the past did. Also, the comments on the report were a bit concise, clearly listing out the issues, but not going into as much detail on ways to fix it like he mentioned during the actual inspection. However, it is possible that you could ask the company to take more pics during inspection.

Steven Hoffman

I highly recommend Accurate Inspections for any home buyer. As a real estate agent in Lansing, I personally recommend Accurate to all of my clients.

Accurate, specifically Jeff Woodrow, is a great home inspector. He will really does a quality job informing and teaching homeowners what they are about to buy (the condition of the home). But Accurate, doesn't just leave it there. They inform clients about the condition of the home, the urgency or severity of the problem, and steps to correct it. They make home buyers feel a lot more at ease about the purchase of their home when they know it can be fixed.

In addition, their customer service after the home inspection is superb. Every so often, a home buyer needs a written statement or more information from the inspection company. Accurate Inspections has been great at providing support to home buyers even after the deal has closed. They are very responsive. You can't go wrong with Accurate Inspections.

Alex C

Bud came to our home to help us with an ant issue (who would think ants in February!). He was very professional and explained what he was doing. Extremely pleased with our experience. I would definitely recommend Accurate Inspections, Accurate Pest Inspections and Bud too! Thank you for helping us out and putting my mind at ease!

Bia Bea

Jason and Bud performed the home, radon and pest inspections on our future home. I would recommend them every time! They were friendly, professional, and highly informative. They were willing to answer all of my questions and to educate me every step of the way.

Erika Johnson

Jason did our home inspection prior to purchasing. He walked us through all of the things he saw and would suggest for ensuring the life and safety of our home. Very kind, upfront, and educational. I would definitely recommend him again.

Brit Quarnberg

As a first time home buyer, I walked into the inspection afraid we weren't going to get enough information to make an informed decision on the house we had put an offer on. Jason was extremely helpful and even helped answer questions about potential changes we wanted to make to the house. Great experience!

Brie Kissane

The inspector walked us through the whole inspection, explained inspection items, made recommendations on the go, and went over the final report with us to wrap it all up. Thorough, professional, and inspired confidence. Thanks!

Skylar Cahill

Very professional and friendly! We have used Accurate now a couple times they do a great job and help you understand what they mean on the things they find good or bad! I highly recommend using them for any of your inspection needs!

Robyn Reaume

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